An Adjunct´s Vindication

Scott Jaschik | June 24, 2013 | Read the complete article on Inside Higher Ed.

Florida Atlantic University on Friday announced that it was rehiring Deandre Poole — who was at the center of what was called the “stomping on Jesus” controversy — as an adjunct instructor in communications for the summer and fall terms.

The university administrator who made the decision, asked if Poole had done anything wrong, said — without hesitation — “No.” Further, the university is backing away from statements it made at the time the controversy broke out that said the exercise in question could never again be used at Florida Atlantic. University officials said that their guide for discussing future use of the exercise would be a Faculty Senate investigation of the controversy, released Thursday, that found that the class in question was entirely appropriate, and that senior administrators at the university had “dismally failed” to protect academic freedom.

Read the complete article on Inside Higher Ed.

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