Bargaining FAQs

What is the Collective Bargaining Agreement?
The Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA or “contract”) is a legally-binding agreement between the faculty and the administration of UF. It defines virtually all the conditions of our employment, including promotions and tenure, leaves of absence, assignments, disciplinary action, and much more.

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When is the contract up for renewal?
A number of articles of the CBA may be re-opened every year for renewal at the request of the parties. The entire CBA comes up for renegotiation every three years. Our current CBA will be up for renewal in 2016.

Who determines bargaining priorities?
The membership determines bargaining priorities. Our chapter prepares for bargaining and determines our bargaining priorities by surveying its members and holding open discussions.  The bargaining team is an appointed committee comprised of UFF-UF members. Members are welcome to express their concerns and share their priorities for bargaining. They are also encouraged to self-nominate for membership on the Bargaining Committee.

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