Senators & Delegates

Sophia Acord, Center for the Humanities and the Public Sphere
Jackie Ayers, Student Health Care Center
John Biro, Philosophy
Rori Bloom, Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Peter Collings, Anthropology
Cindy Craig, Libraries
Oscar Crisalle, Chemical Engineering
Mark Davidson, Materials Sciences and Engineering
David Groisser, Mathematics
David Hickey, Libraries
Peter Hirschfeld, Physics
Aida Hozic, Political Science
Steve Kirn, Center for Retailing Education and Research
John Krigbaum, Anthropology
Pradeep Kumar, Physics
Todd Leedy, African Studies
Paul Ortiz, History
Jorg Peters, Computer and Information Sciences and Engineering
Anna Peterson, Religion
Maria Rogal, Art and Art History
Leah Rosenberg, English
Christian Russell, Land Use and Environmental Change Institute
Raúl Sánchez, English
Peter Schmidt, Anthropology
John Schueller, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Meera Sitharam, Computer and Information Sciences and Engineering
Maya Stanfield-Mazzi, Art and Art History
Manuel Vasquez, Religion
Gene Witmer, Philosophy
Alternate Senators
Kim Emery, English
Frank Goodwin, Languages, Literatures and Cultures
Churchill Roberts, Telecommunication
Renata Serra, African Studies

Florida Education Association Delegates
Tom Auxter, Philosophy
John Biro, Philosophy
Cindy Craig, Libraries
Jack Davis, History
David Groisser, Mathematics
Hazel Jones, Special Education, School Psychology, & Early Childhood Studies
Marilyn Ochoa, Libraries

For more information about the duties of officers, senators, and delegates, and to self-nominate for a leadership position, click here.

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