Chapter election results: Paul Ortiz elected president

From the Nominations Committee:
We received the certified results yesterday from the American Arbitration Association, which administered the balloting/voting process for UFF-UF. While there were a few logistical glitches, we are satisfied with the service they provided, and we believe that the voting process went well overall.  
The results are as follows:

  •             TOTAL VOTES RECEIVED: 233
  •             % OF ELIGIBLE MEMBERS VOTING: 35.6%
  •             PAUL ORTIZ: 151 (64.8%)
  •             WILLIAM KEEGAN: 82 (35.2%) 

We therefore announce that Paul Ortiz, having gotten the majority of the votes, is elected UFF-UF President. In addition, all members who have offered their candidacy for all other officer positions, UFF-UF Senators, and FEA Delegates, are hereby elected by acclamation, as only one person was nominated for each of these positions. The full list of these nominees is available here.

Thanks to those of you who cast your electronic ballot, putting trust in this new system that we have opted for this year. We are pleased to note that the voter turnout was quite high, considering the difficult times we are going through and the fact we are at the very end of the semester. 
We would like to give a special thanks to the outgoing officers and senators, and in particular to Raúl Sánchez, for your dedication and service. Congratulations to our new President, and to the new slate of officers and UFF-UF Senators for 2020-21. 
In solidarity,
The Nominations Committee
Renata Serra, Laura Blecha, Maria Coady, and Steve Kirn (ex-officio)