Your Collective Bargaining Agreement

On this page you will find your Collective Bargaining Agreement (“CBA” or “faculty contract”) and all signed agreements and Memoranda of Understanding. The current CBA is in effect from June 18, 2021, to December 31, 2024, or until the new CBA is ratified. Article 24 on “Salaries” is re-opened annually for negotiation. Information on ongoing bargaining is available here (link).


Article 24: Salaries Annual Agreements

2022 Salaries (ratified December 7, 2022)

2021 Salaries (ratified August 13, 2021)

Memoranda of Understanding

Memoranda of understanding (MOU’s) are negotiated when circumstances arise that require additional clarification of the CBA. The following MOU’s pertain to the current (2021-24) CBA:

2021-24 CBA Summary of Changes

Article-by-article differences between the 2017-19 Collective Bargaining Agreement and the proposed 2021-24 CBA



Article 1:
Titles and Headings

  • No changes.

Article 2:

  • No changes.

Article 3:
Management Rights

  • No changes.

Article 4:
UFF Rights

  • Article opened during negotiations; negotiations produced no changes.

Article 5:
Payroll Deduction

  • Stylistic changes.

Article 6:

  • No changes.

Article 7:
Maintenance of Benefits

  • No changes.

Article 8:
University of Florida
Regulations and Policies

  • Stylistic changes.

Article 9:

  • 9.1(d) and 9.2(f): Requires that all units review bylaws, propose revisions, and submit revisions to UF and UFF-UF between 2021 and 2024.

Article 10:
Academic Freedom

  • Stylistic changes.

Article 11:

  • 11.1(b): Revises language on UF and UFF's role in assuring equal employment opportunity.
  • 11.2(b) (5) (a-c): Incorporates university regulations on sexual / romantic relationships between faculty and students into CBA, exempting faculty and students whose relationship predates their arrival at UF.
  • Other stylistic changes.

Article 12:

  • 12.1(a): Expresses UF and UFF's support for efforts to assure candidate pools include candidates from historically underrepresented groups.
  • 12.4(i): Places a three-year limit on the duration of visiting appointments.
  • Other stylistic changes.

Article 13:

  • 13.2 (c): Requires UF to provide non-tenure track (NTT) faculty with a reason for non-renewal and allows NTT faculty to appeal non-renewal to their dean.
  • 13.4 (b): Changes the grievance timeline in the event of non-renewal from 60 to 45 days.
  • 13.6 (c): Prohibits non-renewed faculty from consideration for promotion and forecloses further professional development opportunities (including professional development leaves).
  • Other stylistic changes.

Article 14:
Assignment of Responsibilities

P.K. Yonge Assignments:

  • 14.11(b): Redefines P.K. Yonge (PKY) faculty appointments as a 10-month rather than 42-week appointment
  • 14.11(b): Adds 4 teacher work days and 1 post-planning day to PKY faculty appointments.
  • 14.11(d)(2): Limits weekly contact time for PKY elementary school faculty to 1,515 minutes.
  • 14.11(d)(2): Exempts general education PKY classroom teachers from supervising students before the school day or for more than 15 minutes after dismissal.
  • 14.11(d)(3): Stipulates that PKY elementary faculty may be expected to escort students to the lunch serving line.
  • 14.11(d)(4): Designates one teacher workday and two early-release Wednesday afternoons for PKY Elementary Fall Family Conferences.

Scheduled Meetings and Planning Time for P. K. Yonge Faculty:

  • 14.12(a)(1): Reserves 2 of 7 planning days prior to the start of the PKY academic year for full-day professional learning and school improvement activities.


  • Other stylistic changes.

Article 15:
Office Space and Safe Conditions

  • Article opened during negotiations; negotiations produced no changes.

Article 16:

  • No changes.

Article 17:
Summer Appointments


  • 17.3(c): Makes 9- and 10-month faculty with summer appointments at UF eligible for retirement compensation.
  • 17.3(d): Exempts individual directed study courses, graduate student supervision, and off-book courses from pay rates specified in this article (while stipulating that faculty may still receive payment for this work).
  • 17.3(e): Allows individual colleges (and faculty committees within them) to determine payments for low-enrollment courses, off-book programs, UF Online, and studio courses.
  • 17.3(f): Allows 9- and 10-month faculty (excluding PKY faculty) who, for 3 or more consecutive years, derive more than 30% of their income from summer teaching or employment in their department to apply to convert their position into a 12-month appointment.

Article 18:

University Criteria for Annual Performance Evaluations:

  • 18.5(a): Adds supervision of graduate students to UF's criteria for annual performance evaluations.

Department Clarifications of University Criteria for Annual Performance Evaluations:

  • 18.6(c): Allows department chairs and individual faculty members to agree to expand the period over which the faculty member's performance is evaluated from one year to up to three years.

Annual Evaluation Process:

  • 18.7(c): Changes the due date for faculty to submit their annual report to their chair from March 20 to April 15.
  • 18.7(d): Changes the due date for committees and other individuals to submit information relevant to an annual evaluation from April 15 to May 15.
  • 18.7(f): Changes the due date for a chair or director to send faculty members their annual evaluation from July 1 to July 15.
  • 18.7(f): Stipulates that faculty may grieve their annual evaluations between the date of the evaluation's presentation and August 31 of the same year.

Sustained Performance Evaluation:

  • 18.8(f): Adds specificity to the process of creating a performance improvement plan.

Article 19:
Tenure and Promotion

Definition and Policy:

  • 19.1(a)(3): More clearly states that decisions about tenure and promotion shall be based on the same process and procedure.
  • 19.1(b)(9): Identifies the relationship between University criteria and departmental / disciplinary clarifications in determining standards for promotion.


  • 19.5(b)(1): Adds "laboratory, field, clinical, and performance instruction" to the types of instruction recognized as part of a faculty member's academic service.
  • 19.5(c): Stipulates that, to be promoted, NTT faculty with an assignment exclusively (or almost exclusively) in one of the three categories of academic service must demonstrate distinction in that category alone.

Changes in Criteria for Tenure and Promotion:

  • 19.6: Gives UFF-UF the right to bargain, rather than simply discuss, any changes in tenure and promotion criteria.

Non-Tenure Track Progress Toward Promotion:

  • 19.8: Requires departments that employ NTT faculty to develop NTT-specific promotion criteria; NTT faculty must be permitted to vote on these criteria.
  • 19.8: Requires departments that employ NTT faculty to develop a progress-to-promotion review process; NTT faculty must be permitted to vote on this process.
  • 19.8(a): Allows NTT faculty to decline to participate in the progress-to-promotion process.
  • 19.8(b-f): Outlines mandatory elements of the progress-to-promotion process.

Initiation of the Tenure or Promotion Review Process:

  • 19.9(f)(3): Adds a service narrative to the list of elements in the Tenure and/or Promotion Dossier.
  • 19.9(c)(1): Allows faculty applying for promotion or tenure to respond, in writing, to the written assessment of their department's tenure and/or promotion committee; requires the committee to review the applicant's response before voting on tenure and/or promotion.
  • 19.9(c)(2): Prohibits department chairs or directors from participating in the formal vote on a faculty's member's application for tenure or promotion; instead stipulates that the chair or director’s letter of evaluation shall count as their vote.

Tenure and/or Promotion Decisions:

  • 19.11(f): Requires the UF President or President's designee to explain why a faculty member was denied promotion.
  • 19.11(g): Establishes confidentiality guidelines for documents and discussions related to tenure and/or promotion; empowers members of tenure and promotion committees to report any potential violations that occur during the committee's proceedings.

Article 20:
Sabbaticals and Professional
Development Programs

  • 20.3(a): Omits language describing a policy change that took place during the 2018-2019 academic year.

Article 21:
Other Leaves

This article was completely overhauled during negotiations. Key changes are as follows:

Family and Medical Leave Entitlements:

  • 21.6: Simply states that UF complies with the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) rather than recapitulating the details of FMLA in the CBA.

Parental Leave:

  • 21.7:
  • Replaces the borrowed parental leave program with 8 paid weeks of paid parental leave.
  • Enables new faculty in their first 12 months of employment to supplement their 8 paid weeks of parental leave with an additional 8 weeks of borrowed leave.
  • Establishes guidelines on how frequently and under what circumstances faculty can take this leave.
  • Forgives any leave balances associated with the previous leave program.
  • Allows either party to reopen the portion of the CBA related to paid parental leave during the life of the 2021-2024 CBA.

Paid Time Off (PTO):

  • 21.9:
  • Collapses sick and vacation leave into the single category of paid-time off (PTO).
  • Reduces 10- and 12-month faculty's leave accrual rate from 10.769 hours every 2 weeks to 10 hours.
  • Limits a faculty member's total amount of accrued PTO to 480 hours, stipulating that any leave accrued above that 480-hour threshold will be transferred to a medical leave account, accessible under circumstances identified in 21.10(b).
  • Identifies the circumstances under which faculty must provide documentation to certify unplanned PTO.

Medical Leave Account:

  • 21.10(a):
  • Creates a paid medical leave program, which extends up to 8 weeks of paid medical leave after they have first used 80 hours of PTO.
  • Establishes guidelines on how frequently and under what circumstances faculty can take this leave.
  • Allows either party to reopen the portion of the CBA related to paid medical leave during the life of the 2021-2024 CBA.

Other Types of Medical Leaves:

  • 21.11(c)(1): Allows UF to require a medical examination, demonstrating that a faculty member is incapable of performing their assigned duties, before the faculty member has exhausted sick and medical leave (the previous CBA allowed faculty to exhaust their leave before submitting to a medical examination).

Personal Leave:

  • 21.13(a)(4): Allows PKY faculty, under clearly defined circumstances, to take leave immediately preceding or following a holiday.


  • Other clarifications and stylistic changes.

Article 22:
Intellectual Property

  • No changes.

Article 23:
Other Faculty Member Rights

  • No changes.

Article 24:

  • 24.4(b) and 24.4 (e): Changes the dates associated with mandatory salary negotiations.
  • 24.4(d): Indicates that faculty appointed to the University Term Professorship shall finish their appointed terms and receive the full $15,000 amount associated with the program; specifies that, should the program be reinstated, in-unit faculty shall remain eligible.
  • 24.7(b): Specifies that any difference between performance adjustments for PKY faculty and any general raise shall be paid across the board.
  • 24.9(b): Requires that UF include faculty members’ contract length in its annual salary report to UFF-UF and notify all in-unit faculty about the reports availability.
  • Other clarifications and stylistic changes.

Article 25:

  • 25.9(a)(6): Stipulates that retired faculty may be charged fees lower than those charged to non-retired faculty for the use of UF recreational facilities.

Article 26:
Outside Activity and Conflict of Interest

This article was completely overhauled during negotiations. Key changes are as follows:

  • 26.2: Includes clearer definition of key terms related to outside activities, conflicts of interest, and conflicts of commitment.
  • 26.2: Requires faculty on 9- and 10-month contracts to report select outside activities when not on appointment.
  • 26.4 and 26.5: Limits how long UF can take to evaluate potential conflicts.
  • 26.6: Requires UF, when it denies an outside activity, to specify in writing how and why the activity corresponds to the CBA’s definitions of conflict of interest and conflict of commitment.
  • 26.9: Creates an expedited grievance procedure which allows faculty members to context UF’s denial of outside activity or specified conflict management plan.  
  • 26.12: Provides clearer guidance on   innovation inducement cash prizes, including guidance on how faculty should financially structure their participation in these prizes and what share of these prizes goes to faculty members and UF, respectively.

Article 27:
Disciplinary Action and Job Abandonment

  • No changes.

Article 28:
Grievance Procedure and Arbitration

  • No changes.

Article 29:
Access to Documents

  • 29.1: Allows UF to request clarifications from UFF-UF regarding why UFF-UF has requested access to documents under this article; subjects any disagreement regarding the relevance of a document request to the established grievance process.

Article 30:
Layoff and Recall

  • 30.4: Encourages UF to consider the normal hiring cycle of employees receiving a layoff notice in an effort to facilitate successful transition/relocation.

Article 31:
Totality of Agreement

  • No changes.

Article 32:

  • No changes.

Article 33:
Amendment and Duration

  • Sets the duration of the new CBA from July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2024

Article 34:

  • No changes.

Article 35:

  • No changes.

Appendix A:
Position Classifications in the
Bargaining Unit

  • No changes.

Appendix B:
United Faculty of Florida (UFF-FEA-NEA) Sample UFF Dues Deduction
Authorization Form

  • Updates UFF's address in Tallahassee.

Appendix C:
Grievance Form

  • No changes.

Appendix D:
Notice of Arbitration

  • No changes.

Appendix E:
PKY Salary Schedule

  • Increases annual adjustment from $400 to $500 for grandfathered PKY faculty; increases these faculty members' evaluation adjustment from $100 to $200.
  • Increases all PKY faculty's base salary from $33,750 to $38,000.
  • Increases PKY faculty’s annual salary credit from $500 to $600.
  • Increases the "Effective" annual performance adjustment from $500 to $600, and the "Highly Effective" annual performance adjustment from $675 to $775, for non-grandfathered PKY faculty.

Appendix F:
P. K. Yonge Developmental Research School Faculty Salary Supplements

  • Increases salary supplements for 30+ activities; creates 2 new activity supplements; eliminates 10 activity supplements.

Appendix G:
UFOLIO Electronic System for
Disclosure and Review of
Outside Activities and Interests

This article was completely overhauled during negotiations. Key changes are as follows:

  • Incorporates the structure and content of UFOLIO into the CBA
  • Requires UF faculty to use the UFOLIO system to report outside activities and possible conflicts of interest

 2017-2019 Collective Bargaining Agreement

pdf: UFF-CBA-2017-19
html: 2017-19 Collective Bargaining Agreement (formatted for use on mobile devices)
Article 24_Fall 2019 (ratified Oct. 1, 2019)
Article 24 Fall 2018 (Dec. 21, 2018)
Article 24 Fall 2017 (Sept. 7, 2017)

Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs)

The MOUs listed below are agreements between the Board of Trustees’ bargaining team and UFF-UF’s team addressing circumstances not foreseen during the negotiation of the original contract. UFF-UF is entitled to engage in “impact bargaining” when the University implements emergency policies that affect your contract, as UF did in response to the COVID-19 emergency. All of these MOUs modified the 2017-2019 CBA.

2013-2016 Collective Bargaining Agreement

2013–2016 Collective Bargaining Agreement (Faculty Contract) (pdf)
2013-2016 Collective Bargaining Agreement (Faculty Contract) (html, formatted for use on mobile devices)
Article 24 Salaries 2014-15 (ratified 23 September, 2014)
Amendments to Article 24 1-25-16 (ratified 17 March 2016)

2010-2013 Collective Bargaining Agreement

2010-2013 Collective Bargaining Agreement (Faculty Contract)
Article 27, Salaries (for the 2010-2011 Academic Year) (PDF, 2.6 MB)
Appendix F, 2010-11 PKY Salary Schedule (PDF, 688 KB)
Appendix G, PKY Salary Supplements (PDF, 78 KB)
Appendix I, Salary Increase Notification (PDF, 250 KB)
Status Quo on 2010 Reopeners (PDF, 205 KB)

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