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Chapter Council, 2022-2023


  • Paul Ortiz (CLAS-History, SPOHP), Chapter President /
  • Oscar Crisalle (ENG-Chemical), 1st Vice President
  • Kole Odutola (CLAS-LLC), Vice President
  • Jorg Peters (ENG-CISE), Vice President
  • Meera Sitharam (ENG-CISE), Vice President
  • Martin Sorbille (CLAS-SPS), Vice President
  • Michelle Nolan (Libraries), Secretary
  • Sean Trainor (BUS-Management Communication Center), Treasurer


Membership /

Sean Trainor (BUS-Management Communication Center)

Grievance Coordinator / uff-uf

Churchill Roberts (CJC-Telecommunication)

Co-Chief Negotiators (Bargaining) /

Meera Sitharam (ENG-CISE)
Martin Sorbille (CLAS-SPS)

Government Relations /

Stan Kaye (COTA-Theatre)

Social Events

Kole Odutola (CLAS-LLC)

Communications /

Susan Hegeman (CLAS-English)



FEA Delegates

  • Angela Bacsik (University Writing Program)
  • Oscar Crisalle (ENG-Chemical)
  • Joan Frosch (CAS-T&D)
  • David Groisser (CLAS-Mathematics)
  • Stan Kaye (COA-Theater & Dance)
  • Tony Mata (COA-School of Theatre & Dance)
  • Steve Noll (CLAS- History)
  • Paul Ortiz (CLAS-History, SPOHP)
  • Zhong-Ren Peng (CDCP-Urban & Regional Planning)
  • Anna Peterson (CLAS-Religion)
  • Meera Sitharam (ENG-CISE)


  • Apollo Amoko (CLAS-English)
  • Angela Bacsik (CLAS- Writing Pr)
  • Brian Cahill (CLAS-Psychology)
  • Oscar Crisalle (ENG-Chemical)
  • Joan Frosch (COTA-D&T)
  • David Groisser (CLAS-Mathematics)
  • Susan Hegeman (CLAS-English)
  • Hélène Huet (Libraries)
  • Stan Kaye (COA-Theater & Dance)
  • Kole Odutola (CLAS-LLC)
  • Paul Ortiz (CLAS-History, SPOHP)
  • Zhong-Ren Peng (CDCP-Urban & Regional Planning)
  • Jorg Peters (ENG-CISE)
  • Anna Peterson (CLAS-Religion)
  • S María Rogal (COA-Art&Art History)
  • Churchill Roberts (CJC-Telecommunication)
  • María Rogal (CAS-Graphic Design)
  • Meera Sitharam (ENG-CISE)
  • Martin Sorbille (CLAS-SPS)
  • Jessica-Jean Stonecipher (CLAS-University Writing Program)
  • Sean Trainor (BUS-Management Communication Center)


UFF-UF is a member-led organization. There are lots of ways to to participate in our leadership and activities. Chapter officers, senators, and FEA delegates are elected for terms beginning April 1 of each year. Information on their duties is available here.  There are also lots of less formal ways to participate in our bargaining, contract enforcement, and membership activities. Simply email membership and let us know how you would like to get involved.

updated 9/7/2022