Become a Leader

Thank you for your interest in leading UFF-UF! Below you will find a list of elected officer positions, with descriptions of their duties. Elections for one-year terms of service are held every spring.  Terms of office begin in April of each year.

~UFF Senators. Our 32 Senators represent the UFF-UF chapter at the statewide UFF meetings. Senators are also encouraged to participate in monthly Council meetings and to participate in chapter activities. Senators also get an opportunity to develop skills in bargaining, facilitating grievances, and developing union membership. They learn about issues affecting other chapters and upcoming legislation affecting higher education. They meet UFF colleagues from around the state. Meetings occur on weekends, once in the fall and once in the spring (usually in September and February. Currently, spring meetings are held online and fall meetings are held in either Tampa or Orlando. Senators’ travel and lodging expenses are reimbursed (Senators who carpool and share a hotel room receive 100% of room and transportation costs; those who drive solo receive half the federal mileage rate; UFF pays half the cost of a single occupancy hotel room).

~UFF Senate-Alternates. Alternates attend the UFF senate in the place of a senator who cannot attend.

~Florida Education Association Delegates (15). There are two FEA Delegate Assemblies each year. This meeting has representatives from every education local within FEA, so it’s important higher education locals have a voice.

~President. The President represents the Chapter internally and externally. S/he calls and presides at all meetings of the Chapter Council, Executive Committee and Membership. S/he appoints the Standing Committee Chairs and the Bargaining Representatives. S/he is a member of the UFF President’s Council. The President reports to the membership annually on the activities of the Chapter Council.

~First Vice-President. The First Vice-President assumes the duties of the President when the President is absent or incapacitated. In the event of the recall, resignation or incapacitation of the President, the First Vice-President shall assume this office for the remainder of the term of office.

~Vice Presidents (4). Vice Presidents take an active role in helping to shape the goals and priorities of the chapter.

~Secretary. The Secretary maintains the records of the Chapter, records the minutes of all Membership meetings, Council Meetings, Executive Committee Meetings or Consultations with the University President or Provost. Copies of these minutes are posted on the UFF website.

~Treasurer. As chief financial officer of UFF-UF, the Treasurer exercises supervision over the receipt and disbursement of all monies, properties, securities and other evidences of financial worth of the organization. S/he prepares an annual financial statement and a proposed budget for submission to the state UFF office by September 30, or by a date set by the Executive Director, whichever is earlier. The Treasurer also reports regularly to the Chapter Council on the financial status of the Chapter.

updated 1/24/23