Governance FAQs

How is UFF-UF governed?
UFF-UF is a democratic, member-supported, volunteer-powered organization of UF professionals. Its main governing body is the Chapter Council, which meets monthly to discuss chapter activities. Members are welcome to contact members of the Chapter Council with their concerns and to attend meetings, announcements of which are posted on our calendar. Members are also invited to self-nominate for leadership positions in UFF-UF.

What is the relationship between UFF-UF and the UF Faculty Senate?
Although UFF-UF leaders frequently consult informally with leaders of the Faculty Senate, these are two different organizations with fundamentally different missions. The Faculty Senate’s mission is to serve as the vehicle for faculty governance over the university as an educational institution, whereas UFF’s mission is to advocate for and protect the faculty as UF employees and professionals. In other words, the Faculty Senate’s main focus is academic affairs, while UFF’s main focus is terms and conditions of employment. The two domains sometimes overlap, and UFF-UF works hard to maintain professional relations with Faculty Senate. Many Faculty Senators are also UFF members.

Does UFF-UF have an adversarial relationship with the UF administration?
We believe that UFF-UF and the UF administration share the same fundamental goal: the creation and maintenance of a world class institution of higher education. We also believe that the administration actively seeks to support and enhance the work and welfare of its faculty. However, we also recognize that in a complex institution such as UF there are many stakeholders, and that faculty interests can often lose out to other considerations. UFF stands for the faculty alone, and works to ensure that we have a strong voice in the governance of this university. Also, our interests strongly overlap with those of the administration in regard to state-level issues, especially with respect to advocacy of adequate higher education budget appropriations. Our lobbying in Tallahassee and Washington D.C. is vital not only to faculty interests, but to the interests of the University of Florida and the enterprise of higher education in general.

What is the relationship between UFF-UF and other unions?
UFF-UF is a chapter of the statewide United Faculty of Florida (UFF). UFF, in turn, is affiliated with other unions, including the AFT, the FEA, NEA, and AFL-CIO. UFF also participates in lobbying efforts in Tallahassee with other Florida labor groups. More information on our affiliates»

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