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UFF is committed to working through collective bargaining for equitable salaries for all members of the bargaining unit.  CBA Article 24, Salaries is renegotiated every year, typically in the summer. For more information, or to get involved, contact the bargaining team: uff-uf-bargaining@googlegroups.com.

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UF Salaries Compared to Peer Institutions: 2017-2018

Source: AAUP Annual Report on the Economic Status of the profession, 2017-18. Figures are for the entire university (not just the UFF bargaining unit).  Peer institutions are designated by UF Office of Institutional Planning and Research. PDF of the 2017-18 average salaries as compared with peer institutions

U California, Berkeley19100013100011100086600
U Michigan, Ann Arbor1702001132009560064300
U Texas Austin16560010760010150080400
UNC, Chapel Hill1593001057009570056000
Pennsylvania State U1570001073009040058000
U Illinois, Urbana-Champaign1505001042009550067700
Ohio State U15000010130089400No info given
U Florida149100 (8th)100000 (10th)88200 (11th)70500 (3rd)
Texas A & M1434001008008940052300
Indiana U, Bloomington142200973009990064000
U Wisconsin, Madison1362001021008950067100

updated 7/26/21

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