Government Relations

UFF-UF works with its state and national affiliates to educate the public and policy makers on the importance of higher education to Florida’s future and on the important work that faculty and professionals do at the University of Florida.

Our membership dues support the work of legislative experts who monitor the Florida legislative process, gather information about legislation of importance to higher education professionals, and coordinate efforts to ensure that the interests of faculty and higher education are being heard.

While the Florida legislature is in session, UFF sends out legislative updates and periodic action alerts. To receive these updates, please make sure we have a non-.ufl email address on file for you (contact for help). Information is also available via the FEA’s Frontline Reports, week-by-week summaries of activity while the Florida legislature is in session.

To contact your Florida State Legislators, consult the Florida State Legislative Directory.


Another way that UFF-UF members influence change in Tallahassee is through support of UFF’s political action committee, UFF-PAC. Federal law prevents UFF from using funds collected from membership dues to directly aid candidates running for or holding public office. Sometimes, however, we want to reward our friends in office or help those who are supportive of our goals in their election campaigns. UFF-PAC is a non-partisan political action committee: it contributes to Democrats and Republicans (and independents), based on UFF’s assessments of where our limited funds can best be spent to further our political objectives.

To make a one-time contribution to the UFF PAC, complete the form below and mail your check made out to “UFF-PAC” to UFF, 115 N Calhoun Street Suite 6 Tallahassee, FL 32301. UFF-UF PAC Donation Form (PDF)


updated 4/5/16

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