Member Benefits

Membership gives you a voice in defining UFF’s priorities and plans. It also provides a number of financial benefits:

  • UFF representation should you need to file a grievance. This benefit can easily be worth over $20,000 if a grievance goes to arbitration. (Non-members may represent themselves or hire their own lawyer.)
  • UFF representation in any meeting that may result in disciplinary action. (Non-members are not represented by UFF)
  • Two free consultations with an ARP attorney up to 30 minutes each per program year (estate planning, wills, real estate, etc.); and up to a 30% discount for legal work performed.
  • $1 million professional liability insurance (up to $3million in legal defense costs per incident–not including civil rights/claims issues; up to $1 million in liability; and up to $250,000 for defense, settlements or judgments for suits concerning civil rights.
  • A full range of discounted insurance products: home, auto, long-term care, catastrophic medical, veterinary, dental and visual
  • Credit counseling, a “save-my-home” hotline, attorney referral program
  • Special rates and reduced closing costs on loans, including mortgage, home equity, personal, student loans, and credit cards
  • Discounts on shopping: flowers, books, computers, wireless phone service, tax preparation, movie tickets, theme parks, and lots more
  • Discounts on travel-related products and services, including purchases of union-made cars, car rentals, moving vans, hotels, vacation packages, and Motor Club membership
  • The opportunity to participate in UFF-PAC, whereby small individual contributions are pooled to help create an effective voice for faculty in political campaigns

Many of these benefits and discounts are provided via UFF’s affiliation with the NEA, AFT, and AFL-CIO.  To explore financial, retail, education, and insurance benefits and advice, visit
National Education Association Member Benefits (NEA)
American Federation of Teachers Member Benefits (AFT)
Union Plus Discounts & Benefits for Union Families (AFL-CIO)

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