2013-16 Contract Ratification HOW TO VOTE

Voting can be done in person or by mail. 

In person voting will take place September 18, 19, and 20 between 11am-2pm at three locations:
Library West colonnade,
Reitz Union NW walkway, and
P. K. Yonge.

Bargaining Unit members must vote at the polling station assigned to their department, as follows:

Library West (North campus)
College of Business
College of Education (except PK Yonge)
Digital Worlds
Design Construction and Planning
Fine Arts
·       School of Art + Art History
·       School of Music
·       African Studies
·       African American Studies
·       Anthropology
·       BEBR Economic / Population
·       Chemistry
·       Classics
·       DIAL
·       English
·       European Studies
·       Geography
·       History
·       Humanities
·       Jewish Studies
·       Linguistics
·       Language, Literature and Culture
·       Math
·       Philosophy
·       Political Science
·       Religion
·       Sociology, Criminology & Law
·       Spanish & Portuguese
·       Statistics
·       Women’s Studies
·       Writing Program
Latin American Studies
Honors/Provost office faculty

Reitz Union, North Side (South Campus)
College of Engineering
Fine Arts
·       School of Theatre + Dance
College of Journalism and Communications
Health & Human Performance
International Center
·       Astronomy
·       Biology
·       Geology
·       Physics
·       Psychology
Museum of Natural History
Student Health Care Center
Counseling & Wellness Center

P.K. Yonge
P.K. Yonge teachers

If you vote by mail, it is essential that you follow the instructions below and use two envelopes to ensure the anonymity of your ballot. Ballots not placed in a blank envelope cannot be counted.

1. Fill out your ballotDownload the UFF-UF Mail Ballot
2. Put the ballot in a blank envelope and seal it. (Do not write anything on this blank envelope or it may be discarded!)
3. Put the blank envelope in an envelope.
4. Sign and print your name on the reverse side of the envelope.
5. Mail to: UFF, PO Box 6022, Gainesville, FL 32627—6022

Postmark deadline: 18 September, 2013
Please note that only ballots in a sealed blank envelope will be counted.

Questions? Contact Rori Bloom, chair of the UFF—UF Elections Committee at roribloom@gmail.com.