Advice from Grievance Committee on Outside Reporting Requirements

It has come to our attention that faculty in some departments are being asked to report outside activities that Article 26 of our 2017-2019 Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) expressly exempts from reporting requirements. The CBA, and the CBA alone, governs the reporting of outside activity and conflicts of interest. According to Article 26, when you are not on appointment, you are not required to report. Thus, faculty on nine- or ten-month appointment who do not take on an additional summer appointment are not required to report summer activities.

Article 26 also describes the kinds of activity and conflicts to be reported, when reporting is required. Use this description, and indeed the entire article, as a guide to determine what to report and when you must report.

If you have a question about reporting, please contact the Grievance Committee at Please inform the Committee if you believe you are being asked to report in violation of Article 26.

Note also that Appendix G of the CBA contains the form you should use for reporting. It is also available online at Please be sure to use this one, as it is different than the form used by faculty outside the bargaining unit, who are subject to different reporting requirements.

Churchill Roberts, Chair

John Biro, Member

UFF-UF Grievance Committee