Advice on intellectual property and accepting funds to move F2F classes online for fall

Per Article 22 of the current CBA, a faculty member can choose not to accept the offered stipend for the QM+UF standards. In that case, the faculty member will have sole ownership of their instructional materials  — prepared with or without the use of UF facilities — for an online course the faculty member has been assigned to teach in the fall.  

The UF administration has confirmed that you will be asked to sign the following statement before the stipend money is disbursed: “You agree that you are being commissioned to produce an online course that meets the Accelerated UF+QM standards in conjunction with a $2000 stipend and understand that all materials, digital or written, created pursuant to this project are considered a work-made-for-hire. Such materials are and will remain the property of the University of Florida.  However, if you include any of your pre-existing instructional materials within the course created hereunder, you will continue to own those materials, but you grant to the University a perpetual, non-exclusive, royalty free license to use such pre-existing materials as included in the course for any further purpose.  Third party materials should not be included in the course materials delivered hereunder unless the University has received prior approval.”
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Special Discussion Session

Topic: Ownership of Online Class in Fall, 2020
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