Bargaining update: Leaves and Childcare

Still waiting!

In April 2019, our bargaining team proposed a comprehensive overhaul of Article 21 of the current Collective Bargaining AgreementThis article covers family, medical, and parental leaves.

Here is what we put on the table:

  • 19.5 weeks of paid family, medical, and parental leave—essentially, the same program UF had previously piloted, and which was both successful and affordable
  • Subsidies for childcare to ensure that costs don’t exceed 5% of a faculty member’s salary, or $250 per week (whichever is lower). 

Eight months later, the Board of Trustees’ bargaining team has yet to respond.

When UFF made this proposal, bargaining team members Lisa Scott and Hélène Huet noted that family, medical, and parental leave policies are “cornerstones of workers’ rights, basic matters of workplace equity, and simple tokens of gratitude to the people who have generously chosen to nurture a new generation of humans and to take care of another.” We still hold to these claims, of course, and we encourage our counterparts to do likewise.

Equitable leave policies and affordable childcare affect everyone, directly and indirectly. Help us fight for them: 

  • attend bargaining sessions when they resume in January 
  • attend Board of Trustees’ meetings and events where UF administrators gather. 

Let these people hear from you about how these policies affect your ability to do your job and serve UF’s students.
You can find the April presentation here and the modified Article 21 here.
For updates and the latest bargaining schedule, visit us online and follow us on Twitter and Facebook. If you haven’t yet joined UFF-UF, please click here
In solidarity,

Raúl Sánchez
President, UFF-UF
UFF-UF Collective Bargaining Committee
Hélène Huet, co-chair (George A. Smathers Libraries)
Bill Keegan, co-chair (Florida Museum of Natural History)
John Bourn (P.K. Yonge Developmental Research School)
Macy Geiger (P.K. Yonge Developmental Research School)
Rosana Resende (Center for Latin American Studies)
Lisa Scott (College of Liberal Arts and Sciences)
Martin Sorbille (College of Liberal Arts and Sciences)
Sean Trainor (Warrington College of Business)