Bargaining update, Sept. 17, 2015

Your bargaining team continues to prepare for the November 18 impasse hearing before the Special Magistrate (to be held at 9 am in Emerson Alumni Hall, Warrington Room A). For your information, below is a summary of UFF’s last proposal (before impasse) to the administration, as well as of the administration’s last offer (before impasse) to UFF:

UF Administration
raises effective
August 15, 2015
January 1, 2016
merit increase  pool
2.5% (For departments
without approved merit
criteria, this percentage
is distributed across
the board.)
cost of living  adjustment



inversion  adjustment



discretionary increases
0.5% (remove compression/
inversion from
administrative disc. increases)
1% (no change)
promotion  increases


9% (no change)

remove language limiting
grievability of issues in the
 salary  article
keep language limiting
grievability of issues in
the salary article
In our update of June 30, we noted the administration’s opening position of 0.5% merit. While we were pleased they eventually raised this number, we were disappointed that they still insisted on January 1, 2016 as the effective date for all increases. From the beginning, we have argued that any increases should begin in the fall.

And, of course, we were even more disappointed at their refusal to bargain over any of the other salary issues—cost of living, compression and inversion, promotion increases—listed in Article 24 of your Collective Bargaining Agreement. This refusal played a major role in our decision to declare impasse.

The UFF-UF Bargaining Team:
Sumi Helal, Chair (Computer & Information Science and Engineering)
John Biro (Philosophy)
Agnes Leslie (African Studies)
Raúl Sánchez (English)
Candi Churchill, UFF Service Unit Director