Brogan Spells Out Performance-based Plan to Senate Panel

By James Call | Staff Reporter, December 6, 2012, The Florida Current
Chancellor Frank Brogan went before a Senate appropriations subcommittee Thursday and explained the university system’s plan to freeze tuition if lawmakers give schools more money. Brogan told the panel the pledge to forgo a tuition hike for one year is not a “line-in-the-sand” offer. Instead, he said, if the universities were given an additional $118 million then there would be no need to raise tuition.

Florida’s university presidents and the Board of Governors are lobbying for the additional money to introduce performance-based incentives in university funding.  A school’s share of the $118 million would be tied to specific goals. Brogan told the Appropriations Subcommittee on Education that many states have adopted a performance-based funding model and that the idea is one way to restore money the system lost during the recession.

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