Guidance on reporting outside activities

In discussions, the United Faculty of Florida and the UF administration have come to agreements over several issues regarding the reporting of outside activities via the UFOLIO system. Below is some guidance from our grievance team.

  • If you do not have outside activities to report, you do not have to fill out the UFOLIO form. 
  • Faculty on 9-month contracts are not required to report outside activities that they engage in only during the summer, unless they have a federal grant. The administration agreed that this will be clarified in the relevant part of the UFOLIO instructions. 
  • Holding an uncompensated office in a scholarly or professional organization does not need to be reported. 
  • Until the 2020-22 Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) is ratified, Article 26, Outside Activity and Conflict of Interest of the current CBA is binding. Consult this article to learn more about what kinds of outside activities should be reported.

These and other issues related to outside activity reporting are currently part of ongoing negotiations over the 2020-22 CBA. For more information, contact the UFF-UF Bargaining team:  If you need advice on how the current CBA applies to your specific circumstances, contact the Grievances team: