Help Support Our Sisters and Brothers at UF-GAU! And Enjoy Top-Notch Local Music!

Please consider supporting UF-GAU’s Hardship Assistance Fund, a scholarship with the goal of financially supporting graduate assistants of underprivileged and minority groups that face additional financial burden (e.g., international/immigrant graduate students, trans and gender queer graduate students, graduate students with disabilities, and parent graduate students).

Graduate assistants at UF are struggling to make ends meet every month, and any emergency can be the difference between affording groceries and rent or not. This fund will help the graduate assistants most severely impacted by poverty. UF-GAU have currently set aside $1500, which could be distributed as 3 awards of $500. However, they are seeking community support to increase the available funds. Your support would make a huge difference in reaching their goals. At this time, they are asking potential sponsors to make contributions to their fund of $50, $150 or $250, but any amount is greatly appreciated. Additionally, since organizations may not be able to provide cash donations due to tax reasons, they also accept physical items (gift cards, products, tickets, etc.) that can be raffled off during the fundraiser.

Also, UF-GAU will be hosting a Battle of the Bands Fundraiser on December 1st. They would like to include all sponsors in the marketing strategy for the event (e.g., promote local businesses and organizations that contribute to this fund via event flyers, social media, and through our website), as well as promoting sponsors during the event. They are also open to discussing other sponsorship terms with contributing businesses and organizations. Please feel free to contact UF-GAU ( if you have any questions. You can also access the following website for more information about the event and a donation button: