Higher Education in Florida: Are Florida’s universities overadministered?

 A by-the-numbers look at teacher vs. administrator ratios

Mike Vogel | 6/10/2013 | Read the complete article at Florida Trend

The picture that emerges from a look at the staffing practices of Florida universities in the past five years is complex. Like universities across the nation, Florida schools have been beset by budget cuts. And like schools nationally, the schools have limited tenure-track faculty positions and turned more to part timers and adjunct professors to control costs. But most schools, both nationally and in Florida, have hired administrators at a much faster clip than enrollment growth. This report looks at the trends — and explanations.

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UF, for example, lost 261 tenure and tenure-track posts in five years while gaining 242 executives, administrators and managers. [/quote]

Read the complete article at Florida Trend

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