On September 6 and 7, voting will take place on the ratification of the 2017 Amendment of Article 24 (SALARIES) to the 2017-2019 Collective Bargaining Agreement between the UF Chapter of United Faculty of Florida and the UF Board of Trustees.


For several years now, we have been calling the administration’s attention to significant problems related to UF faculty salaries, which are well behind those at our national peers. Earlier this summer, the UFF-UF bargaining team and the university’s representatives reached a tentative agreement on salary increases for 2017-18 that we feel is a good first step in addressing some of these problems. The agreement allocates approximately 5% of the bargaining unit’s base pay for raises.
Here is a summary of the agreement:
  • 3% of base is to be allocated for merit raises, according to the merit procedures in each department or unit’s bylaws. These raises are effective on January 1, 2018.
  • 2% of base from the administration’s discretionary funds to be dedicated to equity increases. Deans are required to consult with department chairs to determine these equity increases, which will be retroactive to August 15, 2017.
The agreement can go into effect only if ratified by the the faculty in the bargaining unit. UFF-UF strongly recommends ratification.
The Collective Bargaining Agreement and the proposed amendment are available for inspection here.


Voting shall be by secret ballot.   All members of the bargaining unit are eligible to vote, whether members of UFF or not. Bargaining unit members should bring identification to verify voter eligibility.
  • Vote in person on campus, Wednesday Sept. 6 or Thursday, Sept. 7, 2017, 10 am – 2 pm at one of the following locations: [list type=”check”]
    • NE entrance to the Reitz Union
    • Library West Colonnade
    • PK Yonge School: Rep Renee Andrews will confirm voting times and locations for all bargaining unit employees at PKY [/list]
  • Vote in person at the UFF Social Wednesday September 6, 5:00 – 7:00 p.m., Holiday Inn University, Corner of 13th and University Ave. Free parking at the hotel. All are welcome; no RSVP needed.
  • Vote by mail. Carefully follow the instructions below for securing your secret-ballot vote. [list type=”check”]
    • Print the ballot and fill in the blank for Yes or No. 2017 Ballot (pdf)
    • Place the ballot in a blank envelope and seal it. Put nothing on this envelope.
    • Place that unmarked envelope into another envelope, seal it, then clearly print and sign your name on the back of the envelope.
    • Mail the ballot by Thursday, August 31st to ensure arrival by the final vote count September 7, to UFF c/o Alachua County Labor Coalition, P.O. Box 12051, Gainesville, Florida 32604[/list]
Volunteers at each polling place will tally the ballots cast and certify the results each time a poll is closed. The final count of all ballots cast will be Thursday September 7th at Library West at 2:15 pm. Votes shall be publicly counted and the results announced. The meeting to count the ballots is open to all members of the bargaining unit, whether members of UFF or not.