Report on Achievements of Untenured Scholars and Teachers

In celebration of the new school-year, the UFF-UF Non-Tenure-Track Committee is happy to present a report on the achievements of some of our Untenured Scholars and Teachers (better known as non-tenure-track). As Untenured Scholars and Teachers we fulfill a long list of tasks ranging from teaching and professional instruction to advising, committee work, course development, program development, leading projects, administrative work and heading academic units, event organizing, academic collaboration, research and scholarly publications.

We are a large and growing group of faculty members. We fulfill an essential role in the university community that is often greater than the work for which we are recognized. If you are an untenured scholar and teacher with impressive achievements, we encourage you to fill the next survey of Untenured Scholars and Teachers. We will be delighted to celebrate your work.

We are committed to raising awareness to issues related to Untenured Scholars and Teachers’ employment, particularly on the issues of job security, evaluation, and promotion. If you have any input, feedback, or questions about Untenured Scholars and Teachers’ employment – or if you would like to join us – please write to us at

We wish you a prosperous and productive new school-year in teaching, in service, and in academic research.

Read the report here:UST achievements PDF