Scott Names Five New Members to University Board of Governors

Steve Bousquet | Staff Reporter, January 10, 2013, The Miami Herald

Florida Gov. Rick Scott reshaped the state university governing board Thursday, stacking it with five like-minded Republicans whom he expects to heed his opposition to new tuition increases.

Overnight, the 17-member Board of Governors became a clearer extension of Scott’s philosophy that raising tuition is too big a burden for middle-class families.

Scott has made opposition to higher university tuition a line-in-the-sand issue as he embarks on a quest for reelection in 2014.

“I’m going to appoint people who believe the way I do, that we’ve got to look at every way we can to figure out how to keep tuition as low as possible,” Scott said in a recent interview.

Most of the appointees received seven-year terms, meaning they will be setting higher education policy after Scott leaves office, even if he’s reelected.

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