Spring 2013 Officer Elections

The annual election of UFF-UF officers will take place at the spring dinner on February 21, 2013 with a 2 week early voting period to start on February 7. A printable ballot with instructions and a PO box address for early voting will be posted to this website before the early voting period begins.

Slate of Candidates


John Biro (CLAS—Philosophy)

First Vice President

Tom Auxter (CLAS—Philosophy)

Vice President (vote for at most 4)
Oscar Crisalle (Engineering—Chemical)
Susan Hegeman (CLAS—English)
Meera Sitharam (Engineering—CISE)
Sumi Helal (Engineering—CISE)

Jorg Peters (Engineering—CISE)

David Groisser (CLAS—Math)

FEA Delegates (vote for 7; any not elected will be alternates)
John Biro  (CLAS—Philosophy)
Rori Bloom (CLAS—LLC)
Cindy Craig ( Libraries, Lib. West H&SS)
Richard Freeman ( Libraries, Lib. West H&SS)
Regan Garner (Honors Program)
Marilyn Ochoa (Libraries, Education Lib.)
Edil Torres-Rivera (Education—HDOSE)

Senator (vote for 28)
Sophia Acord (CLAS—Ctr for Humanities)
Suzan Alteri (Libraries—Baldwin Collection)
Jackie Ayers (Student Health)
Shubho Bandyopadhya(Business-ISOM)
Rori Bloom (CLAS—LLC)
Peter Collings (CLAS—Anthropology)
Oscar Crisalle (Engineering—Chemical)
David Groisser (CLAS—Math)
Susan Hegeman (CLAS—English)
Sumi Helal (Engineering—CISE)
Steve Kirn (Business—Retailing)
Pradeep Kumar (CLAS—Physics)
Matt Loving (Libraries, Lib. West H&SS)
William O’Dell (DCP—Shimberg Center for Housing Studies)
Paul Ortiz (CLAS—History)
Jorg Peters(Engineering—CISE)
Anna Peterson (CLAS—Religion)
Maria Rogal (Fine Arts—Art)
Leah Rosenberg (CLAS—English)
Raul Sanchez (CLAS—English)
John Schueller (Engineering—Mechanical/Aerospace Engineering)
Malini Schueller (CLAS—English)
Meera Sitharam  (Engineering—CISE)
Maya Stanfield-Mazzi (Fine Arts—Art History)
Gene Witmer (CLAS—philosophy)

UFF Senate Alternates (vote to approve):
Aida Hozic (CLAS—Political Science)