Tentative agreement on salaries reached

The bargaining team and the university’s representatives have reached a tentative agreement on bargaining unit salaries for 2017-18. The agreement allocates approximately 5% of the bargaining unit’s base pay for raises.

For several years now, UFF has been calling the administration’s attention to some significant problems related to UF faculty salaries, including inequity with our national peers. While clearly more remains to be done to improve our compensation, we feel that this agreement is a good first step in resolving some of these issues.

Here are the details of the tentative agreement:
    • 3% of base is to be allocated for merit raises, effective on January 1, 2018.
    • approximately 2% of base is to be spent on equity increases. Deans shall consult with chairs in determining these equity increases during the fall semester. All equity raises would be retroactive to August 2017.

This agreement is subject to ratification by members of the bargaining unit. We will hold a vote on ratification early in the fall semester, 2017. The specific contract language of this agreement can be found here: Article 24 final mark up 2017 (pdf)