Tentative agreement reached on 2021 salaries

On Monday, August 2, your United Faculty of Florida (UFF) Bargaining Team and representatives of the University of Florida Board of Trustees (BOT) finalized a raise package for the roughly 2,000 members of the UFF bargaining unit. The text of the tentative agreement can be found here.

Under this agreement, which would take effect (or be retroactive) July 1, 2021 for 12-month faculty, July 30, 2021 for 10-month faculty and August 16, 2021 for 9-month faculty, faculty members would receive:

  • A 1.5 % across-the-board raise
  • A 1.5 % merit pool, with raises determined by departmental bylaws (minus funds utilized for salary increases as detailed below)
  • A $400 raise for 12-month faculty earning less than $67,000
  • A $250 raise for 9-month faculty earning less than $55,000

We also finalized the following for faculty members at P.K.Yonge (see updated Appendix Eand P.K.Yonge MOU):

  • Raising the base entry level salary of $47,500 (includes $2500 Back to School and Research Supplement).
  • For grandfathered salary faculty, a $200 annual adjustment (Previously $500), and a  $500 for Effective/Highly Effective summative evaluation rating (previously $200), as required by S.1012.22, F.S.
  • For performance salary faculty, an annual performance adjustment of $875 for highly effective performance (previously $775).
  • Faculty whose base salary is less than $47,500 will receive an increase to raise their base salary to $47,500.
  • Faculty whose base salary is greater than $47,500 will receive a minimum increase to their base salary of $654.93. After the 2020-2021 summative teacher evaluations are completed, any difference in the 3% raise pool allocation and total performance adjustment amounts will be distributed equally to all faculty whose salaries are above the base salary of $47,500.  

All members of the bargaining unit have an opportunity to vote YES or NO on this raise package. Under Florida law, the agreement cannot take effect unless ratified by the unit.

This vote will be conducted online and will take place from 9 a.m. Wednesday, August 11 to 4:30 pm Friday, August 13. Instructions on how to vote have been sent via email to the bargaining unit.