UF rejects Special Magistrate’s recommendations; case to be heard before Board of Trustees

As we reported on January 5, UFF-UF accepted Special Magistrate Tom Young’s recommendation for resolving the current impasse over our salaries. Unfortunately, the administration has objected to the recommendation.

In the absence of a settlement, we will once again present our case, this time before the Board of Trustees. Special Magistrate Young agreed with our arguments for an across-the board raise of 2.75% plus a merit pay pool of 2.5%, retroactive to the start of your annual appointment. We hope the Board will, in turn, agree with his finding and recognize what is best for the faculty, the university, and the public it serves.

At the Board of Trustees meeting, we will need your support. (Time and place to be announced.) In the meantime, please feel free to send an email to President Fuchs (president@ufl.edu) urging him to settle this impasse with UFF.

The Bargaining Team, bargaining@uff-uf.org

updated 1/19/16