UFF: A Democratic Voice for Higher-Education Faculty

Now that election season is over, we can enjoy a well-deserved break from campaign ads and political mailers. But remember, casting a ballot is the beginning, not the end, of the democratic process. Remaining involved is key to keeping elected officials accountable, especially in matters that affect us directly. Next year, we face a new legislative session in Tallahassee. Rick Scott has stated that his top priority will be to bring Texas-style “reform” to higher education in Florida, and he is doing this through the Blue Ribbon Task Force. The United Faculty of Florida has already weathered the storm of two anti-union, anti-education legislative sessions under Governor Scott, and stands ready to do it again, but we cannot do it alone.

We invite you to join UFF and become a voice for higher education in the state of Florida. The United Faculty of Florida is the only democratic organization that provides faculty with rights and benefits that are ensured through a legally binding Collective Bargaining Agreement. But we also play the increasingly crucial role of advocating for the future of public education in Florida.

Our voice will become that much more powerful when our membership represents a majority of the faculty in the bargaining unit at the University of Florida. Your participation is key to achieving UFF-UF’s two most important goals: bargaining a fair contract that secures rights and benefits for faculty, and working with our elected officials to secure the funding and support needed to provide quality higher education at UF and throughout Florida’s public schools and universities.

Join UFF now to strengthen your rights and secure quality education in Florida.