UFF and BOT begin 2015 bargaining over Article 24: Salaries

From UFF-UF’s Bargaining team: Sumi Helal, Chief Negotiator; John Bourn (PKY Liaison); John Biro; Agnes Leslie; Raúl Sánchez; bargaining@uff-uf.org

Contract Re-Opener: Article 24 – Salaries
UFF-UF Opening Proposal: Highlights & Rationale

April 10, 2015


  • 2.5% merit raise
  • 4% Cost of Living Adjustment
  • PKY salary increases no less than the rest of bargaining unit

We continue to support merit raises. However, for over 5 years, faculty have seen no cost-of-living increases. Except for the $1400/$1000 legislatively appropriated increase in 2014, nothing has been done to help faculty cope with a 7.6% cumulative inflation (worse, when you factor in the 3% reduction in the state’s retirement contribution).


Enhance Promotion Salary Increases to 15%

UF, while seeking preeminence, is trailing the State University System in promotion salary increases. (click chart to view)

Promotion raise chart


0.5% of Base Salaries for compression/inversion adjustments. Administrative Discretionary Salary Adjustments reduced to 0.75. Compression/inversion removed from the list of discretionary adjustments.

While UFF and the university have discussed the possibility of conducting a joint study of faculty salaries, the ill effects of compression and inversion need to be addressed immediately. We cannot wait or UF will continue to lose faculty. A 0.5% pool in 2015-2016 should be a reasonable first step in solving this problem.


Strike current contract language limiting faculty members’ right to seek redress if the provisions of this salary article are violated.