Administration/Working Climate Survey

UFF-UF, your faculty union, has worked hard on the survey you  received  from, via

This survey is part of an ongoing effort by your faculty union to hear  and publish your voice on a variety of topics so that the union may better represent you.  This survey’s questions are designed to glean your opinion of UF’s administration and working climate.

(1) If you haven’t already, please fill out the survey, click “submit response.”

(2) Please strongly urge your colleagues in the bargaining unit (both members and nonmembers) to also do so.

(3) If you haven’t seen the survey, check all of the email addresses you use and check their spam folders; if you still do not find it, then please send a message to identifying yourself and requesting a survey  sent  to the email address you wish to receive it.

Security and Anonymity: Please be assured that the system (a) ensures that  the link sent to each recipient can be used only once (a) encrypts survey responses so that they are secure across the network (b) completely anonymizes responses and no person, email address, computer, or link will be identified. Only statistical summaries will be published and (anonymized) written responses will be read only by the UFF-UF council