UFF-UF Contract Bargaining

The UFF-UF Bargaining Team (Professors John Leavey, Sumi Helal, Pradeep Kumar) is meeting several times a week with representatives of the UF administration to negotiate our next contract. Our current contract expired in February 2013, and we are currently in status quo. The current contract explicitly excluded the paid parental program and FEOs from status quo, so they are under discussion at the bargaining table. The University appears to be waiting until the end of the legislative session to discuss pay raises.

Once bargaining is completed, the new contract must still be ratified. Based on the current state of progress of negotiations, we anticipate that the ratification vote will take place during the summer. Announcements will be sent via email and posted on our website.  Please keep an eye out for announcements of this important vote!

If you have questions or thoughts on bargaining, email mybargainingteam@uff-uf.org or call the UFF-UF office at (352) 519-4130.