We’re Converting to eDues and Collecting Personal Email Addresses!

We’re taking control of our union’s finances! For decades, UFF-UF members have paid their union dues through paycheck deduction handled by UF HR. Starting 13 April, 2023, UFF-UF is transitioning all members to eDues.

As part of this effort of taking charge of our own finances, we want to ensure that we are not dependent on UF email. We are collecting personal email and cell phone information for all dues-paying members. (If you have already provided your personal email when you signed up as a member — thank you!). If you receive an email from uff.uf.chapter.organizer@gmail.com requesting this information, please rest assured the request is legitimate.

What are eDues?

Under the new eDues program, all UFF-UF members will pay dues directly to our parent union, the Florida Education Association (FEA). All eDues payments will be processed by Dwolla and Plaid, secure vendors that meet international industry standards for data security.

By taking this proactive step, we ensure greater confidentiality for our members and protect ourselves from ongoing attempts by the state legislature to weaken our union and our right to collective bargaining.



eDues Step-by-Step Instructions

Signing up for eDues is a simple, secure process that takes fewer than five minutes. To prepare for the eDues transition, grab the login information for your online banking system as well as the routing and account numbers for your primary checking account.  

STEP 1: Search for centralmembershipsystem@floridaea.org in your inbox.  You may need to check your spam folder.  (If you do not have the invitation by Tuesday April 11th, please reach out to our office).

STEP 2: Click the secure link.     

STEP 3: Create your secure password. Don’t forget to save or write down your login email so you don’t forget it.   

STEP 4: Connect your bank account to set up dues payments that will begin July 1, 2023. Note that UFF and FEA are NOT tracking or storing our members’ banking information.  We are using secure and ISO compliant vendors named Dwolla and Plaid (you can review the Plaid Financial Data Privacy Policy here). 

  • Option A: log into your bank from our portal.  
  • Option B: use a routing and account number.   

Option A is the easiest option. Option B requires you to provide your routing and bank account numbers, then verify 1-2 microdeposits within 48 hours. You have to come back to the portal to confirm a 3 digit code.

Note: You do not need to cancel your current payroll deductions. UFF eDues payments will begin in July of 2023 when we anticipate payroll deductions will be outlawed. If for some reason that outcome changes, UFF will collectively ensure the end of payroll dues deductions before approving any payments.


What Happens After I Sign Up?

Once you sign up for eDues, FEA’s secure vendors will keep your payment information on file and make no deductions for several months. When eDues deductions begin later this year, nothing will change except the payment process. At that time, your payroll dues deductions through UF HR will be automatically terminated. 

Here’s when eDues deductions will begin for you:

  • Did you join UFF-UF before 12 Mar. 2023?
    • For 12-month faculty, eDues deductions will begin in July and will recur every two weeks throughout the year 
    • For 9- and 10-month faculty, eDues deductions will begin in August and will recur every two weeks throughout your standard contract period
  • Did you join UFF-UF after 12 Mar. 2023?
    • eDues deductions will begin in August, regardless of your contract length, and will recur every two weeks throughout your standard contract period

Dues will remain at 1% of your base salary contract with UF and will be recalculated each year, at which point you will be notified about your updated deduction amount.* Going forward, unless you change your bank account, leave UF, or end your union membership, you will never have to think about eDues again. 

Nevertheless, if you ever want to change your payment method, double-check your deduction schedule, or verify any other information related to eDues, you can do so at the FEA Member Portal.

What If I Have Questions About eDues?

If you have questions about eDues, please:

Thanks for helping your union take control of our finances! By transitioning quickly to eDues, you’ll help ensure that, if you or your colleagues ever need legal or financial help, we’ll have the resources we need to support you.

*Base salary does not include a 9-month faculty member’s summer salary that is charged to grants.