What We Stand to Lose

If UFF-UF is decertified and we lose our Collective Bargaining Agreement, here are just some of the rights and benefits we stand to lose: 

  1. Academic freedom rights that enable faculty to teach and research their areas of expertise without fear of censorship
  2. Provisions that protect tenure and define a politically-neutral, expert-driven sustained performance evaluation process
  3. A requirement that UF find a new home for faculty in the event that their academic unit is disbanded
  4. Clear, negotiated criteria that govern:
    • Annual evaluations
    • The promotion and tenure process
    • The sustained performance evaluation process for tenured faculty
    • Non-renewal, layoff, and recall 
    • Progressive discipline, in the rare event that a faculty member has allegedly failed to uphold professional standards
  5. A legally-binding grievance procedure that:
    • Enables faculty to enforce their rights under the CBA
    • Provides faculty with representation by experienced UFF grievance officers in disciplinary situations 
    • Gives faculty the right to have grievances heard by a binding, professional, and neutral arbitrator outside of UF
  6. Eight weeks each of paid parental and medical leave
  7. Protections against discrimination and harassment
  8. Rights to safe working conditions, protections for whistleblowers, and limitations on personal liability.
  9. A uniform 9% salary increase for all faculty upon promotion
  10. Contractual language governing faculty members’ intellectual property rights as well as their participation in outside activities
  11. The right to take sabbaticals and professional development leaves
  12. A voice in negotiating salary and raises